INTRODUCTION: Even though Bridge is just a card game, for some it is a matter of life and death. For others it is just a social activity, a form of therapy or a great escape. Whatever reason the game is played, people usually try to progress as a player. They hope that with time and effort they can improve and master the game. This can perhaps be done by playing six days a week at the local club; by reading books and books and more books; or becoming a full time Bridge student. Information and experience will help us, but progress can often be slow and painful. Even then there is no guarantee that we will become proficient Bridge players. 
        What keeps us from winning and becoming better players? A bad teacher or lack of one; your partner or lack of one; living in a poor location; not the right book; not enough time - wait till I retire. These might all be true, but there is another reason that keeps us from developing as a Bridge player.
        Consider experience and information Outer Bridge. They are on the outside, external, and can be acquired with time and money and much effort. This Outer Bridge of playing and learning is a prerequisite for becoming a good player, but it is not sufficient. There is something else that is needed, and that something is within us. It is what is happening inside; our Inner Bridge that keeps us from becoming a better player and partner. It is our own internal affairs, our psyche, thought patterns, and emotional and spiritual states that prevent success. "We have met the enemy and they are us." Or at least within us. 
        The rest of the brochure will make this enemy your friend; and provide useful tools that will make you a better player and a more understanding partner. It will uncover, explore and examine the workings of Inner Bridge. By developing these inner skills you will be able to enhance your performance, learning and enjoyment of the game.