MAKING THE MOVIE: Now that you wrote the script for the 
winning, proficient Bridge player, let us proceed to make 
the movie. Take a deep breath; relax as you exhale. All the 
tension and anxiety is leaving your body. Again breathe 
        You see yourself in the movie as a winning Bridge 
player. You see the computer screen and printouts which 
reflect your win. The score card has you as the winner. 
The director out loud announces that you have won. The 
atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Other players in the 
room are glad that you have won, congratulate you and 
shake your hand. 
        Often in a competitive activity such as a sports event, 
a team or a person could be ahead for most of the game. 
Then just before the end something happens and they lose. 
They have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Does 
this happen when you play? It is possible that you do not 
want to win. Maybe you do not want to hurt your opponents. 
You feel that you are in a win/lose situation; if you win, your 
opponents lose. And if they lose they will be angry at you 
and not like you. If you win something disastrous will happen. It is not safe to win. Here again, if you really want to win, 
rewrite the script and visualize. 
        "All my opponents are neutral, friendly and are there to 
help me become a better player. They enjoy seeing me 
develop as a player. It is a win/win situation. When I make a 
mistake they are supportive."  See yourself clearly in the movie. You are playing Bridge. Give yourself permission to win. It feels good to win; you feel ecstatic; safe and secure. You do not have to apologize for winning. You deserve to win. And you are a winner becoming a better Bridge player. Day by day, hand by hand. You are in the process.