IN THE PRESENT TENSE: We have mentioned the importance of being at the table, playing in the now. But what keeps us from playing in the present? What keeps us out of the now, but connected with what was or what will be? It is previous hurts and trauma that keeps us tied to the past. It is trying to escape a painful present that projects us into the future. Unresolved conflicts, fear of failure, fear of success, guilt, repressed resentments are also some of the inner workings that keep us time trapped, preoccupied with the past and future. 
        Unless we can still our minds, we cannot experience fully or completely. Often we hear beautiful music or see a majestic vista and an inner voice says "now you are hearing music" or "now you are seeing a sunset."  But then we cannot really make contact with the music or the sunset. The mind must be quiet for the experience and the experiencer to be one. A Bridge player can approach this state through breathing and meditation andother modalities that are beyond the scope of this brochure. 
        What you can do to put yourself in the present tense is to 
get grounded, have closure of unresolved issues. Deal with 
guilt and repressed resentments, two disabilities that throw us into the future or lock us in the past. How can we do this? 
Visualize anybody that you resent or are angry with - past or 
present. Unconditionally forgive that person or persons. This 
does not necessarily mean that you have to be friends or 
condone their actions. But by forgiving others we alleviate 
repressed resentments. By forgiving those in our past we are 
released from the past. We cannot change what has happened in the past, but through forgiveness we can change how we perceive or interpret the past. We are out of the time trap and can live and play in the present. 
        By forgiving those in our present life we can forgive 
ourselves and not be bound by guilt. We now have room for 
all the good things we deserve - like becoming a good Bridge player. Forgiving ourselves and others permits us to win. It opens our hands, our hearts, our minds and allows us to accept and receive nurturing. It quiets the mind and keeps us in the present tense.