THE END GAME: What sometimes happens to us in our Bridge development is that we reach a plateau or a bottle neck. That is, we cannot advance beyond a certain point no matter how much we play and learn. It is by examining and dealing with our Inner Bridge that will take us off the plateau and beyond the bottle neck to the next higher level. Where does it end? How high to go is up to you.
        The basic principles presented in Inner Bridge are to help you progress as a Bridge player. What are these inner strategies? Enhance the two "C's" and become an imagineer - a creative player with imagination. Do not get locked in, step out of the box. Unconditionally forgive those in your past and present life so you can play in the now with a quiet and still mind. Be at ease with your Bridge environment. Become the director, writer, actor and player of your own inner drama. Custom design affirmations and visualizations. Write your own script and make your own movie. These principles can be repeated or modified to suit each individual player.
         But before you do that, you have to learn the workings of your own inner being. What reflects your particular Inner Bridge is how you handle the terrible 2's and treat mistakes; what is your energy level and general attitude; the way you see non judgmentally; and  how you deal with given systems and partnership interactions. To know this is important, for it is a marker that lets you know where you are and what needs to be worked on. To know this puts you on the path of improvement.
        Though this brochure is ending, this is also a beginning. 
This is the start of your Inner Bridge exploration. You now have some of the basic tools needed to create a natural harmony of mind, body and spirit. This will give you the opportunity to improve your outer game, making you a better competitive player. And then, no matter what level you are playing on, you are an expert.