THE  "C" SOLUTION: A possible cause of Fear and Greed are the lack of the two "C's": Confidence and Concentration. Concentration is focusing in an effortless and relaxed way. No tension or over controlling. Trying too hard and forcing Will eventually lead to distraction. Focusing is always in the very active present, the now. You cannot focus if your mind dwells on what has happened on the last hand or even the last play. You have to be here in the now.
        Do not be too concerned about the outcome. Hint: process over goal. Your concentration is in jeopardy if you project into the future. "What if I lose this trick? Will we lose the match?" Or "maybe we can settle for a section top in tonight's game."  This does not mean that you should not plan and think ahead and take into account possible bad splits. This can lead to a broader type of focusing which might be necessary for successful play.
        Concentration can also be enhanced with practice. Moving to Florida and getting a job in an orange juice factory would give one experience in concentrating. Being at the table with the minimum of external and internal distractions is also important. Try not to play Bridge in train stations during rush hour or at sports events.
        Fear and Greed - which is Fear made manifest - are time based. Fear is always what will happen, not what is  happening. That is why playing in the now, in the present situation, you can CREATE the best Bridge strategy. A strategy not based on letting you blindly REACT to the Terrible 2's. (The words R-E-A-C-T and C-R-E-A-T-E almost are anagrams.) To  play inspired Bridge you cannot be afraid to make a particular bid or play. Bridge is a game for the bold, daring and confident.
        Confidence can be built up by playing in a high stakes money games against weaker opponents and winning. Playing against stronger opponents, on the other hand, can lead to a lack of  confidence and poverty. There are other ways which will enhance Concentration and Confidence. These other modalities such as visualization, affirmation, non judgmental ideation and self-talk will be considered later on.