THE INNER ENERGY COMMISSION: There are many levels on which you can play Bridge. You can just throw cards and follow suit. Then Bridge is just a side divertissement to an evening of eat, drink and talk. Or you can play Bridge as a life or death game that requires a total commitment of body, mind and spirit. In the first case there is no energy that is devoted to the game. The Bridge light is out or very dim. In the second case you are completely absorbed. There is an abundance of energy and the Bridge light is shining brightly.
        How can you play on this level? How can you generate the energy needed to make Bridge the star? To get the answers you have to contact your Inner Energy Commission and hear what they have to say. This is what they come up with: "Whatever we give attention to, or focus on, receives energy from us."
                      Energy flows where attention goes.
This could be a sore toe or painting a landscape or playing 
Bridge. When you focus on something, that something receives your energy. But of course the next obvious question is: how do I focus and pay attention to what I am doing? Giving attention to what you are doing has to be motivated by a passion or a love of the activity. 
        If you are playing Bridge just to keep your spouse company, or to be social, then you will never progress as a player. "Follow your Bliss."  If Bridge is bliss, then play; if not, do something else. Love of Bridge is what makes us focus, pay attention, play in the now and cause energy to flow. This energy allows us to Create and not React. These two words,  R-E-A-C-T and C-R-E-A-T-E would be anagrams if it was not for the last "E" in the word CREATE. Let the final "E" stand for Energy. It is this energy that lets us observe ourselves; to make sure we behave creatively not habitually. That we are here, conscious at the table, creating in the active present and making the Bridge light shine brightly.