Welcome to Beginner Bridge  

"Next to Bridge, all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance."
                    General George S. Patton
This site was created with the true Bridge beginner in mind. Additionally we offer a wealth of information for novice players, their teachers, and all Bridge enthusiasts. 

Board One      A book on the basics of Bridge.
Monthly Hand      A new hand with detailed analysis
     presented on the first of every month.
Glossary      A comprehensive glossary of Bridge
Library and Links      Information on specific Bridge topics
     and favorite bridge links.

    oDUPLICATE BRIDGE    A start-up kit of Duplicate Bridge for the novice 
   player. "How to", scoring and strategy.

    oINNER BRIDGE     Dealing with our psyche, thought patterns, and 
   emotional states that prevent success at Bridge.

    oENTRIES    How to maintain and establish a connective link 
   between the cards on the table and Declarer's hand.

    oABC     A bridge organization. Members receive monthly  
    bulletin and access to the bridge hot line
bayridge bridge


Famous Bridge Quotes:  Click on the following 
links to find out what some famous people have said 
about Bridge. 
President William J. Clinton
e e cummings
Allen Ginsberg
Dorothy Parker
General George S. Patton
General William T. Sherman
Mae West
Oscar Wilde

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