american bridge association
the ABA is one of the oldest bridge organizations in the US.they have member clubs and hold tournaments throughout the country.

american contract bridge league (ACBL)

baron barclay
world's Largest bridge supply company.

bratford bridge club
a site created by Gil Pellitier with an extensive History of Bridge and beginner classes.

bridge baron™ 11 software - get it here
get the newest version of a super bridge program  for beginners and novices.

bridge corner

bridge for beginners & beyond
a book and articles for the experienced novice. 

well designed, thought-out friendly site.  excellent history of Bridge.

a site listing locations for duplicate bridge play in the metropolitan NYC area.

bridge on the zone
extensive site with lots of info. also included is free bridge playing on the net.

a comprehensive user friendly bridge site. low in text but high in info.

bridge web ring
a listing of 200+ bridge related sites.
go to a random site. list the next 5 sites.
more info about the Bridge Web Ring.

bridge world magazine

Anna Gudge's site covers most aspects of International Bridge, as well as scoring many major Simultaneous Pairs events. The ECats team developed Internet scoring for these events and
it is now used for both World and European events as well as those organised for Bridge Great Britain.

english bridge union (EBU)
is a friendly and sociable online community. though based in britain, they welcome players from all over the world. most of the players use the standard british ecol
system of bidding which can be learned from the site.

play bridge on the net for free

great bridge links
current bridge news, tournament updates, bridge schools/lesseon sites, a resource centre, on line bridge clubs, a shopping mall, almost 2000 links to other bridge sites, and more.

greater ny bridge

international online bridge club (IOBC)
a european based on-line bridge club with an up-dated web site that includes European language info and access to it new Java version of the well-established Bridge Player Live.

internet bridge archive
contains anything and everything electronically available that is related to Bridge.

o k bridge
play bridge on the net with people from anywhere at any level and at anytime.

play bridge and other games on the net for free

an excellent and extensive site for bridge gifts and novelties.

play bridge on the net for free.

world bridge federation

world wide bridge contest
this site is mainly devoted to the World Wide Bridge Contest held in june each year (01 & 02 June 2001). for more info with details of the World Championship in Bali, get the latest issue of World Bridge News at:

yahoo bridge page
access to various bridge topics and entrance into the bridge lounge. here you can play on line with people at your level. no charge.

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