DO NOT bid or play with special emphasis or use any inflection of the voice which would give partner information on the nature of your hand.

DO NOT use any winking, waving, shaking of the head, standing on the chair or other forms of body language to help partner decide what to bid or play.

DO NOT fall asleep at the bridge table. Sleeping or paying insufficient attention can be disconcerting to those who are still awake.

DO NOT indicate approval or disapproval of a call or play. Throwing things and cursing are in bad form. Gratuitous comments are also to be avoided. 

DO NOT prolong the play unnecessarily. But just to play it safe keep food and drink nearby.

DO NOT hesitate, either in the bidding or in the play, in order to deceive the opponents. However, if there really is a problem, hesitation and  even thinking is permissible. Try to limit the time to one hour.

DO NOT vary the normal tempo of bidding or play for the purpose of distracting the other players. There are other ways of doing this; taking off your clothes or playing the saxophone.

DO NOT cry, moan, faint or die during the game. This does not enhance partnership longevity.

DO NOT use different designations for the same call (A Club, or I’ll bid a Club or I think I’ll bid, er, let’s see, one Club,  or Why not, make it a Club, etc. are incorrect. The only proper bid is one Club

DO NOT lead the next trick before the previous trick is completed. If you won the trick, take it in before you lead the next trick. 

DO NOT do anything that might cause annoyance or embarrassment to your partner or to the other players during the game. Save that for later.

DO enjoy and have fun.