ACE/ KING FIFTH: Five cards in a suit headed by  the Ace and the King.

BLITZ: Winning a round at a Team-of-Four match by a certain number, usually 28 IMPs. IMPs are not some mischievous children trying to spoil your vacation but a scoring unit. IMP stands for International Match Point.

CHOPPED LIVER: A pejorative reference to the level of competition in a club or tournament. It does not necessarily denote the color or texture of the players.

COFFEE HOUSE: To pass extraneous information to your partner. This is sometimes a sub text of gossip or small talk. Betty is so lucky to be going  on that cruise. And I can’t even get a good hand. . .Oh,  it’s my turn to bid, sorry Paa. . . er hold it, I might have enough to open. Too bad Sarah is going in for that operation. . .  Hmm, Spades, er no I’ll bid 1 Heart. She told her partner that she has a very minimum opener, at least a 5 card Heart suit and something in Spades.

CONTRACT WAS COLD: The contract was extremely easy to make. This expression is often told to a player who has just failed to make the contract. This usually does not make that person feel any better.

GHOULIES: Hands of bridge with extremely wild distribution. Lots of voids and eight card suits.  The term was coined by bridge players on a Long Island Railroad commuter train. The games were intense. The players never gave up their seats despite the presence of passengers who were either disabled, pregnant or generally infirm. The object was not to win but to play as many hands as possible before reaching Penn Station.  No shuffling. Cards were dealt four or even six at a time. The result?  Weird distribution or Ghoulies.

KING DOUBLETON: The King and one other card.  Not Stiff.

KING/QUEEN TIGHT: King and Queen doubleton.

STIFF KING: Nothing to do with rigor mortis. It is just the King singleton. And yes, you can have a stiff Queen.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: A very large penalty of the four digit type that could be similar to the last four digits of your (or someone else’s) phone number. The largest Phone Number in bridge is Going Down (being Set) 13 tricks doubled/redoubled vulnerable: 7600 points. If you are playing for one dollar a point these Phone Numbers could add up.

THE WORLDS FAIR: A very big hand.  The size of a Worlds Fair?

Lots of bridge books are to be found at your local library.