1. How many total tricks (Defense + Declarer) are won in 
    each  hand of Bridge?
   (a) 6      (b) 13      (c) 26     (d) 7

2. The Opening Bidder
    (a) is to right of the Dealer         (b) is the Dealer
    (c) is to the left of the Dealer      (d) is across from 
                                                                 the Dealer 

3.  In Bridge the term Book is
     (a) 6 tricks     (b) 7 tricks     (c) 13 tricks      (d) 8 tricks

4.  A Balanced Hand has
     (a) no voids      (b) one singleton      (c) two doubletons
     (d) an even temperament

5.  The Opening Leader is
     (a) left of Declarer              (b) right of Declarer 
     (c) across from Declarer   (d) the Declarer

6.  You are playing in 3 NO TRUMP.
     (A) How many tricks do you need to 
           make the contract?________
     (B) How many tricks do defenders need to 
           set the contract?_______

7.  Your Partner opens the bidding 1 H.  Can you say
     (A) 1 S____      (B) 1 C____      (C) 1 NO TRUMP____
     (D) 2 D____      (E) PASS____

8.  Your Partner opens the bidding 1 NO TRUMP. 
     (Yes or No) Can she have:
     (A) a void____      (B) a doubleton____ 
     (C) 18 High Card Points____     (D) a singleton____ 
     (E) a five card CLUB suit____

9.  The Declarer is the
     (a) first to bid the suit (or NO TRUMP) 
     (b) last to bid the suit (or NO TRUMP)
     (c) player with the most points      (d) Dealer

10.  The Dummy is
       (a) right of the Declarer      (b) always your Partner
       (c) left of Declarer               (d) across from Declarer

11.  Which suit is higher ranking: 
       SPADES or DIAMONDS?________________

12.  Which suit is lower ranking: 
       DIAMONDS or HEARTS?_________________

13. In the Standard Point count System, the total number 
      of High Card Points (HCP) in the deck are
      (a) 10      (b) 13      (c) 40      (d) 26

14. Which is the lowest ranking suit?_____________

15. In the bidding order NO TRUMP is higher then
      (a) SPADES & CLUBS      (b) HEARTS & DIAMONDS
      (c) all of the above           (d) none of the above

16. The major suits are?______________________

17. Three of the 4 (or 5?) honor cards

18. In SAB (Standard American Bidding) how many cards 
      in the major suit are needed to open the bidding in 
      that suit at the one level?_____

19. Can you open the bidding at the one level with a two 
      card minor?_____

20.  How many combined points (between you and 
       your partner) are needed to bid a game in 
       NO TRUMP or the majors?______

answers to TEST IV